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I started my fundraising career at the NSPCC, heading the team developing new national corporate partnerships. I secured partnerships worth over £3 million.

Citizens Advice

As Head of Fundraising for the national body, I was responsible for all non-statutory funding, including a successful £6 million+ lottery bid.

Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust

I helped the trust secure the £1 million they needed to secure a £1 million donation from the National Heritage Lottery Fund. This included Trust applications, Major donor research and cultivation, as well as setting up their first Big Give Christmas Challenge, which raised over £40,000.

Sumatran Orangutan Society

I introduced digital fundraising acquisition, massively increased the number of monthly regular givers, implemented a new legacy programme, secured new corporate partners and significant funding from trusts. I helped raise £870,000 in 6 months for a one-off appeal to buy land in Sumatra for orangutans.

Europa School

"Rachel was invaluable in setting up the school development department, she helped me to work out what we needed to set up a proper database to keep track of parental donations and fundraising. She listened and then made suggestions, set up the database, and was on hand to advise me when I got stuck. In addition, she provided invaluable advice on how to phrase "the ask", which was something I was not very comfortable with initially." Anna Cole-Morgan, HR & Fundraising Manager

Royal Opera House Bridge 

I worked for Royal Opera House Bridge to ensure the long-term sustainability of their cultural education partnerships in the home counties. This includes strategic advice on their structure as well as creating a workable funding strategy form scratch.

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