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Capital Appeals & High Value Giving


I have experience in achieving 6- and 7- figure gifts from both corporates and individuals and can help set you on course to embedding major donor and corporate fundraising into the heart of your organisation.

Do you need a new approach to maximise income from these streams?

Does your major donor or corporate fundraiser need mentoring or support to help them achieve their potential?

I can help give confidence and direction to ensure your charity raises the most it can.

Previous experience includes:

  • writing and implementing a Capital Appeal Strategy and Giving Plan.

  • consulting on and writing an ethical policy for donations.

  • facilitating successful group discussions to develop creative new ideas for a corporate partnership which is getting stale.

  • devising a pipeline and income prediction model to improve budgeting.

  • putting out a powerful ask, which resulted in a £1 million gift.

  • effectively sourcing and using existing in-house case studies to write compelling stories to inspire donors.

  • face to face meetings with donors to inspire them to give.

  • planning virtual and physical engagement events to warm donors to the cause.

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